I can't wait to get back under way next year. I know myself I have noticed a big difference with the lessons from you and I have gained a lot from them. It has helped me become a better player and still is and it is setting me up well for me future aspirations to go to uni. 

Thanks heaps.


December 2015


Tyme has been the best music teacher I've had. He's very encouraging and I've learnt a lot from him

Finn (pupil)


Tyme is a great music teacher. He has a relaxed and friendly attitude towards his students, which puts them at ease whilst also being very professional in his teaching and expecting a high standard from them. Our son really enjoys his lessons with Tyme and it's fantastic to see how far he's come this year.

Jackie and Graig (Parents)

November 2015


We really appreciate your versatility as a teacher - motivating, challenging and firm, while acknowledging and supporting the effort made by the players.

I know you have been exactly right for my teenage son and for me as an adult learner. I've benefitted from all that plus a great sense of humour.

Janet and Zach

November 2015


I have been having lessons from Tyme for two years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and his teaching style and knowledge of all things brass. He has a calm and encouraging manner, and I would recommend him to any one who wants to improve thier brass playing.


September 2015

Tyme Marsters is a fantastic musician who I have had the pleasure of performing alongside for over 20 years. He has over 20 years experience as a professional musician within the NZ Army Band. During his career within the band he has preformed numerous solos and has taken young musicians under his wing, mentoring and developing their playing. 


He has had numerous successes nationally as a soloist and has represented the country multiple times, competing at the highest level at the World Brass Band Championships. 


He is not only a quality player within the brass band configuration but also the big band ensemble too, there's nothing this guy can't do. His diversity as a multi instrumentalist is something that some fine musicians can't do, but Tyme doesn't have any issues with it whatsoever. 


He is also an excellent band trainer/conductor who has years of experience under his belt. 


It's always a pleasure to play alongside such a fabulous musician. His musicality never ceases to amaze me!!!


Phil Johnston,

Bb Bass Champion

Bandmaster, NZAB

December 2013

It has been a brilliant year indeed and watching my children flourish under your giudance has been a delight. Also helping me as an adult re learner after a 25 year hiatus was really beneficial and a major confidence boost. We thank you so much for your help.

Jo, Lucas and Connor

December 2014


On behalf of myself, Jacob & Tori, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into their music lessons. You do not just give them lessons and then leave them to it, you are always available to them for support with picking solo pieces for other events and help them work on perfrecting them. As you know Jacob had the big decision this year as to whether to stay on Euphonium or to change to Tuba. One of the first people Jacob and I chose to speack to about this was you, as we knew you would be able to give Jacob some idea's of where and how to make that decision. Thank you for your input, Jacob absolutley loves the Tuba and is practising even more and more. I feel that noth Jacob and Tori have improved immensely over this year, not only in thier playing but also in their confidence to have a go and that has a lot to do with with the regular lessons with you. They get so much out of their lessons and I think it actually helps them to practice more as they like to show you they are practicing. Once again thank you for everything you do.

Michelle (Parent) and Jacob and Tori (Pupils)

September 2014


Lucy has improved. You have definitely made a huge difference with her confirdence and progress.

Tracy (Parent and Lucy (Pupil)

November 2014


Thomas' thoughts on lessons,

Really good lessons; Have advanced considerably in the short time I have had lessons with Tyme; Have learnt new techniques; Encouraged to stretch myself and try harder things to progress.

Parents thought,

I have noticed that Thomas is more confirdent in his playing

Thomas (Pupil) and Raewyn (Parent)

August 2014



I am the principal horn player with Canterbury Brass and in recent years, Tyme has provided me with guidance to help add finishing touches in my preparation for competitions.

He is an exceptional musician who imparts his knowledge in a calm, friendly and constructive manner and my performances gain benefit from the input he provides.


I believe that Tyme's confidence and professionalism will inspire respect from pupils and that his knack to put people at their ease will provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to develop their brass playing skills. I would have no hesitation trusting him with the development of my own children.


Tyme has gained a lot of success and respect as a player and I look forward to seeing the outcome of putting his drive and focus into developing the next generation of players. I am confident that he will be an asset to brass teaching in Christchurch and wish him every success with the Brass Factory.


Bill Vail,

Parent and Musician

December 2013